Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blame The Recession On The Neolithic People

The evidence is in; start the trials; pass regulations reining in the Neoliths

The Fourth of July posting, “Whose Future Is It?” was supposed to be about independence. Somehow it touched off a round of the blame game as reflected in “It’s My Party, And I’ll Cry If I Want To,” “More Fireworks,” and “A Clearer View Of The Fireworks.” Well, with tongue firmly in cheek, The Hedged Economist wants to settle the issue once all for all. It was Neolithic Man.

The financial crisis is just an aftershock of boom-bust cycles started in Neolithic time. The culprit was the cycle described in the article “The Neolithic: Boom-time machine” from the ECONOMIST June 9, 2011.

It states, “THAT economic expansion leads to building booms seems to have been as true 6,000 years ago as it is now. When agriculture came to Britain, it led to a surge of construction as impressive—and rapid—as the one that followed the industrial revolution.”
“Until now, archaeologists had assumed that these were built over the course of centuries. Dr Bayliss’s [a modern archaeologist] work suggests they were the product of two booms, each just a few decades long—for the Neolithic seems to have seen its share of busts, too.”

Consider this an error correction. The Hedged Economist’s statement the bubble and bust were mass phenomena was correct. The intended meaning was the current “mass.” It never occurred that the mass was Neoliths. But, you have to wonder, did the Neolith’s have bankers and government officials to blame it on. If not, poor neoliths!

So, now that you know who to blame for business cycles, you can focus on things you can control.

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