Saturday, November 28, 2015

Some Thanksgiving Humor

Who's the turkey?

At first I thought it was a joke.  But, with further investigation it became apparent that we really do have a turkey in charge.  How anybody could get so out of touch with how they are perceived as to blunder into such a farce is beyond me.

Let's start with a quote: “Enough is enough.  The border needs to be sealed…”  The quote is accompanied by recommendations for how to do it. One could easily mistake that for the rant of a Republican candidate for president.  Some of them have succeeded at making some really preposterous statements regarding immigration.  However, it's not a quote from a Republican candidate.  This is a quote from an official in the Obama administration.  (“US urges Turkey to seal Syrian border,” WALL STREET JOURNAL, November 28, 2015).  How could the administration not realize how foolish it looks advising Turkey on how to seal its border?  If nothing else has been demonstrated conclusively by this administration, it is that they can't control immigration across the US border.

I thought the president could not make a bigger fool of himself than his statement that he was going to teach the terrorists a lesson by going to a global warming conference; then, up pops this example of the administration advising another nation on how to control illegal immigration.  I hope that Turkey sees the irony in our administration’s making a fool of itself by giving advice on how to control immigration.

It is just possible that our president has identified his intended legacy as supplying material for Saturday Night Live skits.  Perhaps he's jealous of Donald Trump's success on Saturday Night Live.  What is clear is that the president is making a fool of himself.  Better the fool than the villain he's often portrayed as by his political opponents.

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