Thursday, September 21, 2017

Buying Stocks For A Dividend Growth Portfolio: Postscript A.

A postscript to this series was just published on It is a free website that requires registration. The postscript is largely a response to requests from readers of the series on The article can be found here. has republished postings from The Hedged Economist under the following topic headings:Long/short equity, long-term horizon, portfolio strategy, and dividend investing.” Since it is a website specifically focused on investments, it attracts a large number of readers to the postings.

There was a request to identify those stocks that currently look cheap and those that looked overpriced. That is a different approach from the portfolio focus of the postings. The postscript discusses which stocks are currently on my watch list. It explains what looks sufficiently interesting to look into it further. It should be looked at as a real-time update of the portfolio.

The posting appeared on Sep. 21, 2017. It includes references to ABBV, BA, BCE, BHF, CLX, COL, CVX, EMR, ENB, F, GE, GG, GIS, HCN, HON, INTC, JNJ, KMB, KMI, LMT, MCD, MET, MMM, MSFT, NEM, NNN, NVS, PAAS, PEP, PG, PPG, QCOM, S, TD, TRP, UL, UPS, UTX, VZ, WTR, and XOM.

Please accept my apology if you find this inconvenient.

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