Saturday, December 30, 2017

We all like Toys

It is the time of year when it seems appropriate to give gifts and share. So, in a posting on SeekingAlpha I've shared a link to two spreadsheets that I found useful. That posting was entitled “We All Like Toys And Retiring Rich,” Dec. 22, 2017. That posting provides a complete description of the spreadsheets and various ways they can be used. It also discusses some implications of the spreadsheets.

The two spreadsheets  are updates of spreadsheets first presented here in previous postings entitled “Investing PART 5: Oldies: When looking back is most valuable,” Dec. 25, 2010, and “Investing PART 6: Perhaps some seasonal music,” Dec. 29, 2010.

The first spreadsheet addresses the retirement balances they can be achieved using IRAs.   An interesting toy for the holiday. Please download it rather than using it where it is (IRA Spreadsheet). 

The second spreadsheet addresses what can be accomplished by using a 401k. Please download it rather than using it where it is.  So, have fun. (401k Spreadsheet)

Happy Holiday.

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